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Mesin Pertanian

Mesin Pertanian
Mesin pengolah hasil-hasil pertanian yang berbasis teknologi tepat guna.
    • Mesin Keripik buah

      Mesin Keripik buah

      kontak kami

      Available vacuum frying machine to make chips fruits and vegetables in a variety of capacities at an affordable price and warranty. get bonuses oil drainer / spinner for....

    • Mesin Peniris Minyak / Mesin Spinner

      Mesin Peniris Minyak....

      kontak kami

      Available engine oil drainer with swivel system to reduce the oil content in the fruit and vegetable products chips, shredded, fried onions, crackers, peanuts, etc. in various....

    • Mesin Disk Mill / Penepung

      Mesin Disk Mill / ....

      kontak kami

      Diskmill is used to make various kinds of seed and rice as flour. it is suitable to process agriculture product to be more valuable in the market.

    • Mesin Perontok Padi / Power Thresher

      Mesin Perontok Padi ....

      kontak kami

      Power thresher is machine used to thresh rice or other harvest product.

    • Mesin Sangrai Kopi

      Mesin Sangrai Kopi

      Rp. 8.500.000,-

      Roasters engine serves to roast grain products, especially coffee. The engine uses fuel roasters LPJ and are available in several capacities. Roasters machine now comes with a new....

    • Mesin Oven Pengering Multiguna

      Mesin Oven Pengering....

      kontak kami

      Drying oven is machine used to dry various product like food, fruit, vegetable, fish, and so on.

    • Mesin Perajang Umbi

      Mesin Perajang Umbi

      kontak kami Hubungi Marketing

      Vertical chopper machine is a machine that serves serbagunan chopper chopping various types of food, fruits, and vegetables. Chopper engine capable of chopping the product at high....

    • Mesin Spray Dryer

      Mesin Spray Dryer

      Hubungi Marketing

      Functioning as a maker of liquid into powder by using a method of spraying in hot temperatures.

      Spray drying technology is commonly used by large industrial manufacturing....

    • Mesin perajang Bawang

      Mesin perajang....

      Rp. 3.750.000

      Onion chopper machine used for chopping onions with chopped result is smooth and thin with a process that is very easy and fast. Machines are available in various capacities and....

    • Mesin Presto

      Mesin Presto

      kontak kami

      presto is machine to cook meat or fish to make it softer. it is suitable for restaurant or catering business.

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